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General Topics
Bankruptcy is Alive and Well. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!
Chapter 7, specifically
Chapter 13, specifically
What is bankruptcy
Are there alternatives
Am I eligible
Can I keep property
How to decide
Does my spouse have to file
How long does it take
What will it cost
What will bankruptcy stop
Should I tell my creditors
What about my home
Should I load up on debt
Can I include utilities
Include all debts & property
What happens at the hearing
I have a business
Secured creditors
Are bankruptcies reported
Are employers notified
Can I cancel my bankruptcy
Types of bankruptcies
Do I attend a hearing
What should I do
What will it cost?


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Can I go bankrupt tomorrow?

 A. First you must read this brochure carefully. Then make an appointment with Attorney Bodor. He will discuss your situation with you, and if you decide to proceed, he will prepare your bankruptcy papers from the information you provide. After you review and sign the papers, your bankruptcy is filed with the Bankruptcy Court. Your bankruptcy provides legal protection from your creditors beginning with the date it is actually filed with the Bankruptcy Court.

How long does i take to get the petition filed?   It's pretty much up to you.    You are required to supply a substantial amount of information to the attorney, as well as pay a certain portion of the attorney fee, the court costs and counseling fees.    Once these obligations are met by you, the petition can be filed.