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General Topics
Bankruptcy is Alive and Well. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!
Chapter 7, specifically
Chapter 13, specifically
What is bankruptcy
Are there alternatives
Am I eligible
Can I keep property
How to decide
Does my spouse have to file
How long does it take
What will it cost
What will bankruptcy stop
Should I tell my creditors
What about my home
Should I load up on debt
Can I include utilities
Include all debts & property
What happens at the hearing
I have a business
Secured creditors
Are bankruptcies reported
Are employers notified
Can I cancel my bankruptcy
Types of bankruptcies
Do I attend a hearing
What should I do
What will it cost?


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Thinking about bankruptcy? 

A. Bankruptcy is a right guaranteed by Federal law. That right is a legal, as well as an ethical, way to get out from under crushing debt and get a fresh start in life. For many people, bankruptcy is a sensible and practical alternative to overwhelming debt load, creditor harassment, garnishments, foreclosures, and the prospect of future law suits because of the  inability to pay your debts. Bankruptcy has disadvantages: you must pay the necessary filing fee and attorney fees, you must appear for a trustee’s hearing, and your future credit may be adversely affected. 

This brochure is designed to help you learn about bankruptcy through a series of questions and brief answers. Please read this brochure so you understand the basics of bankruptcy. Then, if you desire to proceed with a bankruptcy, call 330-393-4060(in Warren), 216-524-5545 (in Cleveland), 330-629-2082 (in Youngstown) for an appointment. 

When you come for your appointment with Attorney Bodor, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire. Attorney Bodor will then meet with you to discuss your financial situation, explain about bankruptcy, and answer your questions. You need to bring with you a list of all your debts with approximate amounts owed on each of them.   If you pledged property as collateral or security for an obligation, please bring a list of the items you pledged. Your first meeting with Attorney Bodor is free, and you are under no obligation to proceed with a bankruptcy at that time. There is no charge for this consultation unless you decide to proceed with filing a bankruptcy.