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Bankruptcy ? That's all he does

Attorney Bodor has been a practicing attorney since 1972.  After graduation from law school he worked as an attorney for six years with the U.S. Treasury Department, IRS.   He left the IRS in 1978 and has been practicing law since such time.   He limits his practice to the area of bankruptcy law.

He has offices in Akron, Cleveland, Jefferson, Painesville,  Warren and Youngstown and goes to bankruptcy court in Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Jefferson, and  Youngstown,  and sometimes to eastern Pennsylvania.

  • Attorney Bodor has successfully concluded thousands of bankruptcies,
  • has easy payment plans,
  • welcomes questions about fees and how and what results he may obtain for you, and
  • has Free initial consultations.
  • Free Toll Free number 800-924-7403


1.    Unlike a lot of attorneys who have a "quick in, quick out" philosophy, we typically spend at least 45 minutes with each client.   In some cases we have spent as much as 2 hours with a client at the initial "FREE" consultation just to make certain that they understand their options.

2.    And we explain all their options, not just bankruptcy.   We believe that a person should have enough information to make an intelligent decision about how to resolve their debt problems.   We explain to them about both the positive and negative effects of any choice they may make.   We explain to them about the scams and shams that are out there so they do not become prey to unscrupulous  people and their schemes to take their money with little or no benefit to them.

3.    We do not give our clients the "bums rush".   We take the time necessary to make certain that they understand what ALL their options are, both the good and the bad.

4.    If the person is judgment proof, we will inform him or her of that fact and explain that creditors can do nothing to them.

5.    If their income is low, we encourage them to to save money by going to the legal aide society.

6.    If they insist on doing a bankruptcy with our help, in spite of the fact that we have to charge them for our services, we are in a position to be able to charge them the very least amount possible.   This is because our fees are based upon the actual anticipated time that we may have to spend on their behalf.   The less the work, the less the fees.   

7.    Our fees start at $395.00 and go up from there, based on anticipated time.   We do not have a set fee like most other attorneys who practice in the area of consumer bankruptcy.   We believe that when an attorney has a one-price shop, half of the clients are going to be over-charged and pay for the work done for those who are under-charged.   The ones who would be over-charged, unfortunately, are going to be those who are least likely to afford that set fee.

8.    We will file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy only if it is VERY likely that they will be able to fund the repayment plan.   There are attorneys who will file a Chapter 13 at the drop of a hat, because the court-controlled fees for a Chapter 13 is $3,000.00 in three of the jurisdictions in northeast Ohio.   (Akron, Cleveland and Youngstown)    Doing a Chapter 13 may be economically sound for the attorney, but definitely not for the client.  

9.    Also, in many cases, the reason for a Chapter 13 is so that the clients may keep their home.   It makes little sense to have a client do a Chapter 13, and give them false hope, when it is unlikely that they would be able to successfully  complete a Chapter 13.   In the typical Chapter 13 filed to stop a foreclosure, the debtor has an obligation to (1) pay the mortgages on a regular monthly bases and, (2) pay the trustee whatever is required under the Chapter 13 plan.   If either payment is not made the Chapter 13 is likely to fail.   The attorneys who indiscriminately file Chapter 13's have a lot of their cases dismissed by the court when the debtors stop paying their mortgages or stop paying on the plan.   It is unethical to take someone's money and hold out false hope when it is unlikely that the plan is going to succeed.


We are a Federally designated debt relief agency,
proudly providing bankruptcy services for over twenty three years.

Law Offices of Andrew Bodor

Free Toll Free Number: (800) 924-7403

Eight locations in Northern Ohio to serve you with our practice limited to the area of bankruptcy law

The Bodor law offices has fsuccessfully filed thousands of bankruptcies since 1983.

All of the Chapter 13 bankruptcies that have been filed have been confirmed by the court.

All of the Chapter 7 bankruptcies that have been filed have received a discharge.

We will not file a bankruptcy for you unless we feel that it is the correct solution to your financial problem and your filing will be successful.

Law Offices of Andrew Bodor 

Call us toll free at (800) 924-7403 to make an appointment

for that FREE consultation before it's too late.

5005 Rockside Rd.
Suite 600
Independence, OH 44131
Phone: (216) 476-1730
Fax: (330) 393-0855

1991 Crocker Rd.
Sixth Floor
Westlake, OH 44320
Phone: (216) 476-1730
Fax: (330) 393-0855

3401 Enterprise Pkwy. 
Third Floor
Beachwood, OH 44122
Phone: (216) 476-1730
Fax: (330) 393-0855

755 White Pond Dr.
Suite 403
Akron, OH 44320
Phone: (330) 253-0130
Fax: (330) 393-0855

116 Cleveland Avenue, NW 
Suite 709
Canton, OH 44702
Phone: (330) 453-4357
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56 Liberty St.
Suite 309
First Merit Bank Bldg.
Painesville, OH 44077
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 35 West Jefferson St.
Jefferson, OH 44047
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565 East Main St. (Rt224)
Suite 225
Canfield, OH 44512
Salem Phone: (330) 332-5531
Phone: (330) 782-0799
Fax: (330) 393-0855

8256 E. Market Street
Suite 115
Warren, OH 44484
Phone: (800) 924-7403
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Fax: (330) 393-0855

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Representing clients in the Cleveland, Akron, Painesville, Jefferson, Warren, Youngstown and Salem, Ohio areas, including the neighboring cities and throughout the counties of Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina, Summit, Stark, Lake, Ashtabula, Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana.

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